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Image Loading

If the MR perfusion data resides in a PMOD database, it can be loaded from the DB Load page as illustrated below. It is important that the stress scan is in the first row of the Selected for loading area so that the images end up on the proper page.

Alternatively, the images can be loaded directly from the Stress (Perfusion) page using the Load button which can be configured to the appropriate format using the arrow button indicated below.

It is important that the timing of the sequence is correctly interpreted and that the first scan starts at time zero. Therefore, please inspect the time axis of curve area which should start with a value close to zero. It is not exactly zero, because the signal curve is plotted using the mid-time of the scans. The value of 1 sec in the illustration below is the mid-time of the first acquisition starting at time zero end ending after 2 seconds.

The timing can be inspected and corrected in the Edit Time window. To this end use the information button and in the appearing information window activate the Edit Time button.

Note the Offset to zero button for correcting a constant time offset. Alternatively, the times can be manually edited or loaded from a file with Retrieve Time.