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Data Correction

Motion Correction

Cardiac MRI data are acquired with ECG-gating and ideally during a single breath hold. In this case motion should only be minimal. However, if the user detects that the heart is not still, then he can try correcting it. To this end the Motion corr box needs to be checked.

Motion correction can be restricted to a part of the sequence (e.g. the late part) by the In Range box. With this box a blue shaded range appears in the curve area which can be adjusted to the affected acquisition phase by dragging the edges. The motion correction algorithm operates in 2D or 3D mode. 2D will only look for in-plane motion, while 3D also allows vertical motion.

Inhomogeneity Correction (COCA)

Ideally, the scan sequence includes an acquisition for measuring the B1-field inhomogeneity in the area of the heart. With the dedicated scan sequence provided by Gyrotools this scan is called 3D COCA. In this case the Inhomogeneity correction box should be enabled.

Please activate the Get Heart Box action button to start the corrections. If Inhomogeneity correction is enabled, a window will open in the course of the processing to select the COCA scan.