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Brain Norm Functionality

The Compare to Norm module of PNEURO supports the creation of normal brain PET databases from a consistent set of normal volunteer images and its application for analyzing patient images.

The process of constructing the normal pattern - named Normal Brain Database or short Brain Norm - in principle consists of the following steps:

With a database-assisted analysis, the brain PET uptake pattern of a patient can be compared to the normal pattern. To this end, the patient images are normalized and scaled in the same way as the control images, and the resulting pixel values compared with the established normal values. This process results in a map showing the differences between the patient images and the normal pattern, expressed as a z-score value. The z-score map can be investigated in a multitude of ways including fusion with the patient images and 3D rendering (separate option).

Note: The same type of analysis is also possible with SPECT images, and with MR images using the option for voxel-based morphometry (VBM)

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