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Please note the conventions used in this documentation:

Mouse Operation

Type of Information


The term click in the text means that the left mouse button is pressed down and then released. Clicking with another mouse button is indicated by a description such as right click.


The term double-click means that the left mouse button is clicked twice in a fast sequence without moving the mouse.


The term drag means that the left mouse button is pressed and held down while the mouse is moved.


Type of Information

Special Bold

Items you must select in the user interface of the program, such as menu options, command buttons, or items in a list.


Used to emphasize the importance of a point or for variable expressions such as parameters.


Names of keys on the keyboard. For example, SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT.


Key combinations for which you must press and hold down one key and then press another, for example, CTRL+P, or ALT+F4.

Please refer to the Glossary at the end of this document for information regarding specialized terms used in the documentation.