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Example Data

Example data for practicing the use of the PXMOD tool are contained in the initial example database Pmod which can be selected as an option during the installation. Besides the actual data files there are various settings files (*.defpmod) which contain fully configured analysis sessions.

To run a prepared data example start PXMOD, select the entry Load Model Settings from the Pixel wise menu. In the appearing Pmod database dialog window a list of protocol files is shown. Select an entry, and Retrieve. Note how the all the PXMOD configuration elements are adjusted. Finally, use the Button Locomotive button to perform all processing steps at once.

Note the section related to PXMOD in the PMOD Workbook. It provides step-by-step data processing examples based on the Pmod database so that they can easily be repeated by new users. This practical work is highly recommended and complementary to the detailed description of the PXMOD functionality in the following sections.