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Menu Entries

The PXMOD Menu Pixel wise contains the following functions.


The New workspace entry allows adding a new page to the user interface for processing another data set without overwriting the existing data, or for processing the same data with some modifications. The latter is very easy because the configuration of the current workspace is inherited when creating a new workspace. If a workspace is not used any more, it can be removed by the Close workspace entry.

The File entry allows loading the different files required for a processing, and saving the results. By loading a data set, the data definition in the related configuration page is updated.

Batch Mode can be used for processing a series of prepared protocol files which may take significant computation time as described below.

Print Report shows a report page as illustrated below which can be annotated, saved and printed.

Model provides the list of available models. Selecting a model will change the configuration of the currently selected workspace.

Save Model Settings and Retrieve Model Settings as well as the Settings items the are used to work with protocol files as described separately.

Finally, the License ID is used for displaying license information, and Quit to close PXMOD.